Angel Wings Steampunk Wire Wrapped Necklace

Sorry this piece has been SOLD and is no longer available.
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Hope you enjoy. :>) Please see the description below.

Wire wrapped, using copper wire.  The gears are  brass and copper.  The Keys are brass.  the little clock charm is copper.
the stone in the pendant and on the chain are amethyst stones, the bi-cone beads used in the chain are pinkish color.  The chain is copper.  The bead is a lamp-work oval bead.  The chain is 24″ long  it has no opening, it slips over one’s head. (I will make it shorter for you if you want it shorter and I will add a clasp to it. ) I use copper because I like the fact that it darkens and can be antiqued.  You can clean your jewelry with Twinkle or King Kleen copper cleaner. The darker pictures are more accurate. I made the images lighter so that you could see the detail better. The piece can be made more light copper with the above cleaners.

Price: $39.99 

Introductory Price: $29.99  Sorry this piece has been SOLD!   Will be listing a few more shortly.  

Thank you so much for looking.  Hugs

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