About Me

  My internet name is Tenderspirit.  One day while looking for collector dolls on EBay I came across a reborn doll.  She was the most realistic doll I had ever seen.  At that time I did not even know what reborning meant.  I started to do research and found hundreds of such babies. I was in love.  I browsed through the hundreds of pictures for hours and hours.  I read tutorials and bought DVD’s as I knew I had found my passion.  I had made up my mind that I was going to learn the art of reborning.  I bought tons of dolls to reborn and found all the sites I could that anything to do with reborning.  I studied every baby that was sold on Ebay to see what made some of the babies sell for large amounts of money and what made the babies sell for lesser amounts.  I studied the work of the greatest Nurseries on Ebay. In 2003 I started to reborn my own.  I am quite shy so until I purchased OOAKDollart.com in 2007 I had never posted one of my babies on-line.  I am still shy about it but have been encouraged by my members and some of my featured artist that my babies are very well done.  So I am now getting the confidence to actually set up my web page and allow all to view my previous babies as well as the current babies that I am now working on. As of the end of 2009 my babies are now all over the world. I love this art and hope to be able to find more time to reborn.  Most of my babies have been sold to local people and some have been given to my family members.  I have taken my babies to Wal-Mart as instructed by the professionals to see if people really believe that they are real babies.  It really is so much fun to watch the expression on peoples faces when they discover that the babies are not real babies.  I get so tickled doing this and have met a lot of people by doing so.  I will be selling my babies in the OOAKDollart.com store Tenderspirit’s Nursery.  Perhaps I will list a few on EBay also.  I hope you enjoy the pictures provided and it is my hope they bring a smile to your face and touch your heart.  My current babies are all part of the spirit series.  My logo baby is baby Laura.  My first baby was baby Tenderspirit. She will forever stay in the Nursery as I fell in love her and she is my favorite.  She looks very much like my own son when he was first born.  He was the most beautiful tiny baby boy and everyone thought he was girl. (edited) Baby Tenderspirit now has a new mommy. From the first day she was born she was adored by my neighbor. Being I have enjoyed her for so long I decided it was finally time for her to be adopted. I feel she will be loved so much more by her new mommy since she has waited 4 years to get her.

I have worked as a Bookkeeper and Staff Accountant for the past 35 or more years.  I have an eye for imperfections in books and therefore I have a great attention for detail.  I have crocheted for over 40 years with thread and pearls.  I am the kind of person whom loves to do tiny detailed work.  I spend hours trying to perfect my little ones to make sure they are the absolute best that I can make them.

I have been reborning for almost four years.  I strive to learn all the new techniques and always provide a 100% guarantee that if my new mommies are not 100% satisfied I will fix  whatever it is that they are not satisfied with or refund their payment.  I am the type of person whom wants my new mommies to love my babies as much as I do. For me that is second greatest joy that makes me love to reborn.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my babies or reborning in general.  Please feel free to join our forum as we have just added a new section on reborning.  If you have any questions about reborning, or sculpting then our forum is the place to go.  My members are the most kind and giving artist’s that I know.  If you need help they are there to help you with whatever it is you need to know.

Big Hugs Tenderspirit