Amethyst Healing Necklace

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Hope you enjoy. :>) Please see the description below.

Wire wrapped, using copper wire.  The stone on the back is an amethyst stone.e malachite gemstone.  The gears and locking heart and key are brass. The chain is approximately 22″ long including the clasp.
It has amethyst stone chips.  The chain is copper.  I use copper because I like the fact that it darkens and can be antiqued.  This necklace will tarnish as time goes by.  You can clean your jewelry with a soft toothbrush using Twinkle or King Kleen copper cleaner. You may also use #0000 steel wool for surface cleaning. The darker pictures are more accurate. I made the images lighter so that you could see the detail better. The piece can be made more light copper with the above cleaners.