Ceremonial Artwork Beaded Necklace In Shadowbox

Hope you enjoy. :>) Please see the description below.

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The necklace will be mounted in an 16″ wide 20″ tall shadowbox.  The necklace has approxamately 8000 no.11 seedbeads (the ivory colored beads) several hundred yellow or brown no 8 beads, the brown tiny stone pieces are glass, the wolf is digital art I purchased on Etsy, with a huge hand made polymer clay flad embosed cabacon I created with polymer clay.  The wolf is a decal printed and applied then the entire surface of the piece covered with a layer of resin.  All the cabacons and larger beads on the tassels are handmade polymer clay beads.  The backing is faux suede fabic with foam board and a piece of hardened felt material to give the backing more strength to handle the weight of the necklace when box is hanged.  It is just laying on the fabic in the picture, I am waiting for the buyer to tell me if they plan to wear it or just display it.  If just for display each of the tasles will be sewn down so they lay perfectly.  If it is going to be worn on ocation there will be hand made beaded pins that will be placed in the connections to hold it in place while it hangs.

Hope you love it.

PRICE: $200.00 plus $20.00 Shipping plus $15.50 sales tax  (7.75%)

PRICE: $200.00 plus $20.00 Shipping plus $15.50 sales tax  (7.75%)

US shipping only.  If international please contact me: admin@ooakdollart.com

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